How do you write a cannabis security plan for operating a dispensary? What are the requirements for State Applications & Licenses to meet security requirements?

Security Plans & Schematic Floor Plans

 Holistic approach to integrated security to mitigate risk & liability

  • Modular and Scalable as your business grows

    Whether your already in operation or building a new business from the ground up, we believe in maximizing budgets and making the most of existing infrastructure. Fully scalable across the vertically integrated cannabis craft grow / hybrid retail operation or enterprise-wide dispensaries.

  • Deters the theft or diversion of cannabis, marijuana products and cash

    Total Coverage of plants, cash and people and the movement within the facility gives you awareness and insight for peace of mind that security coverage is complete and above and beyond adequate.

  • Assists with Regulatory Trace-ability

    Total Harvest Coverage focuses on a 360° view of cannabis plants, products and cash and improves the speed at which theft or diversion can be reported to law enforcement and regulatory agencies in your state.

Visibility & Continuity of SOPs, SQF and cGMP

  • Compliant & Cohesive

    Compliance, theft, vandalism and liability claims can consume your time and resources. Think of Total Harvest Coverage like an insurance policy, pivotal to compliance and uptime so you can focus on your brand, mission, goals, and cannabis efficacy.

  • Standards for protocols that deter diversion

    Intelligent video surveillance, data retention, tracking, and monitoring of cash and inventory that discourages unlawful activity and deters diversion.

    Intelligent Video, Security, Intrustion, & SSPOS systems fully integrated

  • Protections against Burglary, Fire and Emergencies

    Complete plans that deters, denies, detect, delays, and provides protections against burglary, fire and emergencies

  • Safety of Employees, Patients & Customers

    Protects employees, visitors, patients, products, currency, security equipment, shipping, receiving and/or transportation vehicles.

360 degree approach to holistic security planning to meet state legal requirements

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Leading cannabis businesses implement Total Harvest Coverage

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Solar Therapeutics

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer free sample plans in PDF?

We offer a free guide to Cannabis Security Planning & Programming.

5 Things You Need to Know
Before Starting Cannabis Security Planning & Programming

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What information and details does a marijuana security plan include?

While we cannot disclose the entirety of the security plan, we provide security planning for entire facilities, inside and out with an emphasis on legal compliance that improves your overall business operations and success such as:

  • Vault Rooms
  • Restricted Access Areas
  • Lighting & Perimiter Security CPTED
  • Video Surveillance
  • Security Equipment Rooms
  • Cash Handling & POS Procedures & Protocols
  • Safety of Employees
  • Visitor Protocols & Monitoring
  • Preventing diversion of cannabis and cash
  • and much more

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for Security Planning & Design of Cannabis Facilities

How many states do you work in currently with cannabis facilities?

We’ve completed projects in retail dispensaries, craft grow and marijuana cultivation facilities across the United States. This includes security plans, vault rooms, vault doors and restricted access areas,  video surveillance, SSPOS (Smart safe point of sale) integration with the best cannabis POS software and more.

Get 360° Coverage

Like an insurance policy, Total Harvest Coverage security plans help cannabis businesses with state legal requirements to meet voluntary compliance and go above and beyond to maximize security, safety and improve business operational protocols.