Stay Compliant. Optimize Operations. Reduce Shrinkage. Drive Revenue.

The entire THC360 platform can implemented & installed at the start of your cannabis facility construction, or added on to any existing dispensary, cultivation operation or transportation business. Fully modular & scalable, our holistic approach to integration of video, SSPOS, RFID & more will unlock business growth opportunities to create competitive advantages.

Intelligent IP Video Surveillance &
IVA Business Intelligence

Ensure seed-to-sale compliance

Enhance security, ensure compliance with government legislation, and get a comprehensive view of your cannabis operation with integrated video and intelligent video and data analytics platform, Searchlight. We help licensed cannabis growers, producers and retail dispensaries monitor the location and movement of plants and products, providing clear video footage of cannabis operations and the ability to rapidly search for missing inventory.

Learn about suspicious activity quickly with alerts – real time data at corporate and the local facility.

Monitor & Integrate with the best rated cannabis POS software & SSPOS Cash Management

Business Intelligence for a 360° view of the health & well-being of your business.

  • Video integrated with SSPOS data can help dispensary operators cut losses by setting up alerts triggered by suspect transactions, such as voids over a set amount
  • Run searches across multiple dispensary locations simultaneously

Using IVA business intelligence such as people counting, queue length or dwell time, cannabis dispensaries can see how long customers waited in line, which promotional or display cased they spent more time in front of, or if they left the dispensary without making a purchase.


Utilize this intelligence to update promotions, coupons, customer loyalty programs that are integrated into existing cannabis POS software systems such as Leaf Logix, Greenbits, Cova, 420 Soft,  trees and others, as well as reporting systems such as BioTrackTHC or Metrc.

Awareness. Insight. Clarity. Peace of Mind.

Gives you insight.

To cultivate better business operations, customer & patient experiences.

Meet Compliance Demands. Leverage Data to Drive Revenue.

Intelligent RFID from seed-to-sale

With Total Harvest Coverage we help leading cannabis grow operations and stand alone or integrated retail dispensaries, design, deploy, manage, and service RFID and barcoding technologies that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs.

Track and manage inventory
Leading growers use intelligent RFID tags on cannabis plants to comply with seed-to-sale laws. Integrating Intelligent Video and Searchlight for Retail software integrates with RFID data, allowing for the tracking and visual verifications of inventory as it moves from commercial grow houses and cultivation to dispensaries. Searchlight’s advanced tools deliver total visibility, allowing for searches on a wide range of data in the RFID tags, including a plant’s ID code and its last detected location. In the case of an anomaly, such as missing inventory, users can quickly access the associated video footage to see exactly what time a plant was removed and its exact location.

Learn about suspicious activity quickly with alerts
Searchlight’s video analytics and Smart Safe point-of-sale (SSPOS) transaction integration gives marijuana retail dispensaries the ability to rapidly sort through transactions and receive alerts about suspicious activity, such as unusual refunds and voids. Customizable reports help you quickly detect and review suspect transactions.

RideSafe Cannabis In-transit

Keep an eye on marijuana assets as they move.

As valuable cannabis products travel from growing and cultivation or processing to the retail dispensary, your business can monitor & track every asset with our mobile video surveillance products. Our rugged RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders are designed specifically to capture video on mid-sized vehicles, with integrated power supplies, and solid-state electronics. These all-IP devices integrate with vehicle CAD and AVL systems so you can gather GPS data, speed and other vehicle information. Add in our mobile cameras for sharp, high resolution images.


Compact, rugged mobile recording and management solutions for the marijuana plants and products on the move.

  • All-IP recorders available in 4 and 6-camera models
  • Integrates with existing CAD and AVL systems to capture vehicle metadata like GPS, speed and hard braking incidents
  • Front-panel LEDs for easy diagnostics
  • Real-time health monitoring, remote live video access and data logging/search with March Networks Command for Transit

Ideal for mid-sized vehicles and paratransit fleets

Increase safety and reduce risk on-board your vehicles with the RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders. These all-IP units deliver reliable video surveillance recording and management in a compact, rugged design that is ideal for mid-sized vehicles like student shuttle buses and paratransit operators. Never worry about losing video with these purpose-built recorders’ Linux operating system, integrated power supply, battery backup and solid-state electronics

Vehicle metadata integration

Easily gather operator-initiated tagged events and vehicle metadata such as GPS location, vehicle number and speed, for comprehensive oversight of driver behavior and detailed post-incident investigations.

Manage mobile and wayside together

Use the RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders with March Networks Command for Transit video management software for comprehensive oversight of your entire transportation network – including fleets, stations, depots and park-and-rides. Our enterprise-class video solution provides you with rapid search and archive capabilities, complete system health monitoring, and remote access to live video and vehicle information.

THC360 SSPOS | Smart Safe Point of Sale

Retail cash management solutions that improve cash process efficiency and reduce the cost of cash.

Save Time. Save Money. Gain Insights.

In addition to real-time cash visibility, your store managers spend more time on the business, not counting cash or closing out registers. Integrate with existing cannabis POS software and our THC360 Intelligent Video Surveillance for a single view of security compliance.


for the well-being of your business



Cash Deposits

Front and back-office cash deposit solutions for more efficient cash handling.


Cash Recycling

Optimize cash flow through efficient and secure cash recycling.


Closed Cash Management

Take control of the whole cash cycle with better security and efficiency across all cash processes.


Banking / CIT / Vault Rooms

Optimize cash handling processes to gives you greater transparency over operations.


Cash Software Solutions

Online tools for the monitoring, maintenance and
management of cash handling operations from a
single centralized view.

Which SSPOS Cash Management System is best for me?

Awareness. Insight. Clarity. Peace of Mind.

Providing you clarity.

To broaden your brand, mission and goals.

Gather actionable analytics and business intelligence to drive sales & revenue growth.

THC360 3-D Video Analytics & Sensors


  • Highly accurate people counting, queue length and dwell time analytics
  • Ideal for cannabis retail environments
  • Integrated with Searchlight to correlate data with video surveillance and deliver analysis on business trends, operations and performance

Highly Accurate Video Analytics

Gather accurate, anonymous information on how people move into, around and out of physical places with the THC360 3D video analytics sensor. This powerful, purpose-built device captures real-time data on customer traffic, queue lengths and service times, enabling organizations to better understand and improve service, promotional efforts and profitability.